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29e6 is Structural Engineering.

We provide structural engineering services, from concept to completion and construction support. Additional offerings include the following specializations:

Structural Engineering

We provide structural engineering services for a variety of project types and market sectors. Our service scope begins at the concept stage and carries through construction support. Whether a building or specialty design, our 29E6-Step Process –  including initial charrette and project management system (Scrum) – sets us apart!

How do we do Structural Engineering… differently? 

  • What do we do? First, we are structural, and only structural. That is what we do, and what our focus is. Within that, we know Steel, Wood, Mass Timber, Delegated Design – you name it! 
  • What is our process? Our 29E6-Step Process streamlines the design and construction process so that we (and you) are working efficiently. Want to learn what makes our process unique? Give us a call!
  • How do we manage our work? We use project management ‘borrowed’ from the IT world known as Scrum to  manage daily tasks. Scrum works much different than a traditional critical path (Gantt chart), helping us to be super efficient and improve communication. There are a lot of aspects to Scrum that we love to talk about with you. Set up a meeting and we can go over it.
  • What is our philosophy? Our design philosophy is simple, ensure safety and provide efficient design. While there is a lot more to our underlying mission statement and values, these two things rise to the top for the structural engineer role. Want to know more about our mission statement? Give us a call.  

Specialty Services such as Delegated Design, Steel Connection Design, Foundation Design for PEMB, and Mass Timber Design are featured below. 

PEMB (Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings)

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings were primarily used just for shops and warehouses, but PEMB’s are now a great option for any building type. When PEMB’s are constructed the manufacturer rarely provides the foundation design, a piece that needs to be completed by a structural engineer. Over the years we have become very proficient at this design and most efficient with construction cost. One benefit of PEMB’s is … see more here


Steel Connections

Delegated design of steel connections for projects includes: shear tabs, moment connections, seismic connections for braced frames and moment frames. Not to mention, there are also a variety of one-off connection designs that have to be ‘invented’ and then analyzed for projects. We use the latest codes and expertise including … see more here

Delegated Design


Delegated design requires the contractor or fabricator to hire a specialty engineer, presenting itself in many forms including steel connections, steel stairs, awnings, retaining walls … see more here


Mass Timber (Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Glulams, etc)

Timber is an ancient and most reliable building method that in today’s world still exhibits many benefits. While time-honored, with mass timber adopting new technologies, such as CLT, it has gained substantial attention over the past decade. Some aspects of mass timber require …see more here


Construction Support

Construction support is a key part of the 29E6-Step Process. The engineer that designed the structure should be an integral part during the construction process for a number of reasons. Namely, potential engineering interpretation and oversight helps ensure the project is built safely and according to plan. Often unanticipated circumstances arise during construction and need to be handled. Having the engineer onboard helps navigate impediments and eliminate ‘holdups’ during the construction phase. Additionally, … see more here


Value Engineering

Value Engineering is a somewhat subjective term that typically encourages taking another look at the design to save money. If we designed the project it’s believed to already be efficiently designed, however, there may be another approach that presents alternative value. See more here …


Educational Services

PE Exam Education

On-demand review  for The Ultimate Civil PE Depth Review Courses, preparing students for the the civil engineering exam and covering all five sub-disciplines of the PE Exam. 

Online instructor for ACE the PE, preparing students for the PE Exam Review Course covering the five sub-disciplines of civil engineering. The course is hosted by Professional Publications, Inc. (PPI, 2012-2017).


Professional Development Lunch and Learn Seminars

Teach continuing education and ‘lunch and learn’ seminars to architects and engineers to enrich their education in technical areas such as building code changes, mass timber, and wind load provisions.


Continuing Education

Changes to IBC 2018 Presentation: AIA of Savannah, Allison Ramsey


Would you like us to present to a group of yours? For architects in SC we can provide one hour of CEU credits for the SCLLR license renewal. Go to our contact page and request a one hour presentation.