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We are Team 29E6

The 29E6 team works to meet our common goal: provide structural engineering that protects the public. In doing so, we provide the highest efficient design that also meets our common team values: family/work life balance, striving for humility in all we do, and espousing a hunger and hard work toward excellence, efficiency and productivity. 

Our team consists of core full-time members working in the Beaufort, SC office, members that work on a part-time basis and our contract support team. Having this organizational structure best positions us for jobs of various size and type, while maintaining quality customer support. Download or print our company and team profile.

Andy Richardson, PE, SE

Andy Richardson

Professional Engineer, Structural Engineer
29E6 Principal

Over 25 years in the structural engineering industry, Andy has wide exposure across various applications and highly specialized technical expertise. His diverse resume provides experience in nearly any material, building type or structure. Living in the Lowcountry of South Carolina since 1998, he has acquired expertise in both hurricane design as well as seismic design of buildings. Over the past 10 years, Andy founded and operated his engineering firm and provided engineering education for the PE Exam. In 2017, Andy rebranded his company as 29E6. A combined passion for mentorship and excellence in design, Andy developed a process that unmistakably, but not only, provides the best design with every efficiency, it is also intended to be utilized by a team of engineers. Since that time, the vision is to grow and expand 29E6 so architects, contractors, and fabricators everywhere can benefit from the 29E6-Step Process and its streamlined results.  

Andy enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and six kids, who range in age from 23 to 9. He also enjoys spending time with his church family as well as running, playing frisbee, and learning ballroom dance.



American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Structural Engineering Institute (SEI), Structural Engineering Association of SC (SEA of SC), NCEES Council Record


Licenses and Certifications

ARPE No. 16069, FLPE No. 91363, GAPE No. 031369, GASE No. 001063, NCPE No. 036442, OHPE No. 86872, PAPE No. 090836, SCPE No. 22824, TN No. 124016, NCEES Council Record Civil PE Exam (2003), Structural PE Exam (2005)

Licensed in: AR, FL, GA, NC, OH, PA, SC, TN & UT.


Engineering Education

Ultimate Civil PE Depth Review Courses – The Ultimate Civil PE Depth Review Courses are the #1 resource for passing the civil engineering exam. These courses are an on-demand review covering all five sub-disciplines of the PE Exam.

Professional Development Lunch and Learn Seminars – Developed and taught a number of continuing education and ‘lunch and learn’ seminars to architects and engineers alike to enrich their education in technical areas such as building code changes, mass timber, and wind load provisions.

Ace the PE Video Series – Creator of an on-demand video series helping prepare students for the PE Exam. The series covers the five sub-disciplines of civil engineering and provides supplemental content to live courses and the student’s self-study activities. The course was hosted by PPI from 2015 to 2019 and then by Kaplan publications until 2020.

Live Online PE Exam Review Course – Online instructor for a Live PE Exam Review Course covering the five sub-disciplines of civil engineering. Provided the first online course of its kind (2012-2017) with excellent reviews from students; the course was hosted by the popular publisher of the Civil Engineering Reference Manual, PPI.

Ace the PE Exam – Website and podcast provided information and resources to prepare for and pass the PE Exam (2013-2015).



Theory and Practice of Steel Structures; Design to Eurocodes with Introduction to U.S. Standards, an update to structural Eurocodes. Provided a review and update to the book comparing the design of steel structures in the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) codes to Eurocodes. (2012)

Civil Engineering Solved Problems Provided update to the structural chapters for publication in Civil Engineering Academy. (2009)

Civil Engineering Reference Manual – Provided update to masonry chapter to Civil Engineering Academy to conform to the 2009 International Building Code. (2010)



Clemson University, Clemson, SC
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Magna Cum Laude, 1998
Graduated with Honors


Featured Projects

Hilton Head Beach House, TRU by Hilton, Bluffton Centre, Ohoppee Match Club, Island Recreational Center.

Dwayne S. Robinett, PE

Dwayne S. Robinett

Professional Engineer

Scott’s extensive work experience spans exposure to government, commercial and retail, renovations, residential, civil and structural forensics and civil site sectors. With nearly 25 years in the greater construction and building industry, Scott started from the ground up working in the construction field then on to construction management. Civil and structural formal education and training widened his exposure to include: structural and field engineering, forensics and expert witness, quality assurance and construction quality control.

Scott’s breadth of knowledge and understanding of the industry is beyond compare. He is a highly valued member of the 29E6 team.


Licenses and Certifications

SCPE No. 25127

OSHA Training in Construction and Industrial Safety, 2010/2011



Clemson University, Clemson, SC
Master of Engineering, 2002
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, 2001


Featured Projects

TRU by Hilton, Statesville Courthouse, The Breakers, Bluffton Centre.

Billy Evans, PE

Billy Evans

Professional Engineer


Billy began his studies in Biology while attending school in South Carolina but his interest in building and structures shifted his attention toward civil engineering and working in the construction industry. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Clemson University and continued his engineering career in other design studies at the Georgia Institute
of Technology.

Billy has many years of exposure to civil, structural, electrical, instrumentation and controls, nuclear and mechanical engineering applications. His familiarity with the nuclear engineering field in an upper level design capacity developed a multidisciplinary approach to project preparation and management, as well as other operational services, like: scheduling, proposal and design review meetings. As a Professional Engineer Billy supports the Quality Assurance and Design team at 29E6. He provides our clients with shop drawing review, construction support and design checks.

Billy’s professional aspirations align exactly with 29E6 with a strong desire to help clients achieve the results they need by ensuring safety, optimizing efficiencies and enhancing the built environment.

Billy is married with two children who all  enjoy spending time together in the great outdoors: camping, fishing and hunting. Billy’s wife homeschools their two children as well as operating an online digital clip art business. They are active with Sunday School classes, American Heritage Girls and Trail Life troops. Having been a tiger himself, Billy enjoys all things Clemson!


Licenses and Certifications

ALPE No. 38332-E

SQUG Seismic Walkdown Course Certification



Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
Continued studies in Reinforced Concrete Design, Timber and Masonry Design, 2007 – 2008
Clemson University, Clemson, SC
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, 2003
Francis Marion University, Florence, SC
Bachelor of Science in Biology, 1997

David Naus

David Naus

David has over 42 years of experience in Engineering Design, the last 21 years of which have been in design and construction support, including: Project Management, Project Engineering, and Civil/Structural/Architectural Design on projects ranging from the UPF, HEUMF, F-Area Tank Farm Services Upgrades, and TRU Waste Characterization and Processing and Mixed Waste Containment Building, to the Site Infrastructure Upgrades for the Accelerator Production of Tritium.

Prior to that, David has spent many years as an Engineering Manager in TN and SC offices handling projects for Title I – Title II of the Uranium Processing Facility. For over 13 years David served the President role at Southern Engineering Services, Inc., and Zimmerman & Naus, Inc., and since has also worked with various clients as a Structural Engineering Consultant.

Currently, David adds his immense knowledge base and career experience to the 29E6 team in a part-time role reviewing drawings and approving designs. His extensive exposure and mastery in the realm of engineering equips the 29E6 team with a structural expert.


Licenses and Certifications

Florida Professional Engineering License (1983) – Not Active

Georgia Professional Engineering License (1991) – Not Active

South Carolina Professional Engineering License (1991) – Not Active



University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering, 1979

Outstanding Graduating Senior Award


Featured Projects

Pinewood Fire Station, Corner Perk, Atlanta Veterans Administration

Taylor Durtschi, Structural EIT

Taylor Durtschi

Structural EIT

Taylor spent a summer in training at 29E6 and has become a superior asset to 29E6. She is a strong EIT having caught on quickly to 29E6 best process and procedures. Taylor is high impact on the teams “Right. Reviewable. Repeatable.” implementation tactic across both small and large, and commercial and residential applications. She designs for all market segments but has a special talent for residential wood structures that are affected by the lowcountry’s high wind load and seismic activity.

Taylor also works on building the 29E6 training video library for onboarding new employees. She’s crafted a digital resource with step-by-step, “how to’s” of 29E6 procedures and acquiring ASCE references. Taylor’s comprehension of gravity and lateral wind loads ideally suits her to identify the forms and processes for doing these calculations efficiently. And, her love for teaching shines through as well!

As far as other teaching ventures, Taylor runs a tutoring business called The Bridge Tutors. The Bridge Tutors is committed to providing quality tutoring and academic support to ALL students, striving to build students’ self-confidence and help them realize their potential. The Bridge Tutors offers online one-on-one tutoring services for all ages in math, engineering and science.

In her free time Taylor enjoys reading a good book, hanging out with her dog Aussie, and spending time with family. She has 3 brother, 3 sisters, and 11 ‘niblings’ (nieces and nephews). Taylor is also pursuing a 2nd bachelor’s degree in psychology and loves sports: soccer, football, and tennis.


Engineering Education

Utah State University, College of Engineering Tutoring Center – basic to graduate-level structural engineering tutoring courses. Emphasizing complex to conceptual learning techniques.



Utah State University, Logan, UT
Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering with a structural emphasis, 2019
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with a structural emphasis, Summa Cum Laude, 2018

Keith Godbout, Structural EIT

Keith Godbout

Structural EIT

Keith’s experience comes to us by way of a circuitous route via education, property management and maintenance. In a previous role, Keith used his engineering background for all facets of operations management at two international schools, one in Malaysia and one in China. Some aspects of his job included maintenance program implementation, food service, security, transportation and capital projects. Oversight, problem solving and decision making skills were applied throughout all preventive maintenance and facilities management functions.

While a full time teacher abroad, Keith currently also works for 29E6. Keith designs small structures, including balustrades and guardrails, with an emphasis on safety and seeking economies of scale. Keith’s background taught him the importance of details and risk management. HIs team building and leadership conveyed well through process improvement, implementation and continued quality control – valued skills applied at 29E6.

Keith is married to his beautiful wife, Kristy and together they have two children. In his free time, Keith loves playing guitar, climbing and hiking with his family. He also enjoys doing projects and renovations to his home in charming Chattanooga, TN.



American College of Education, Indianapolis, IN
Master of Education STEM Leadership, 2020
in progress

University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL
Teacher Ready Program, 2019

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Chattanooga, TN
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, 2010

Engineer in Training, 2010
in progress

Harshil Devani, Structural Engineer

Harshil Devani

Structural Engineer

Harshil’s practical knowledge and training lies in Structural Engineering. A people person, Harshil’s utmost commitment is in delivering the highest quality of service to all clients. He believes that innovation and excellence should be at the forefront of every project, and is dedicated to achieving the best possible results. Harshil takes pride in proper project process from inception to completion. He begins his methodology with a structural design charette, then manual calculations and advanced technology, a rigorous quality assurance review, and finalizes with detailed documentation. Harshil is passionate about quality control and continuous improvement, sustained learning practices and comprehensive engineering concepts. 

Co-Founder at SF & BM Consultant, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, Harshil has extensive experience in designing and analyzing steel and wooden structures. He finds particular interest in Finite Element Analysis (FEA), which he elaborates on through articles, white papers and informational tutorials such as this introductory history of FEA.

His passion for learning extends beyond professional pursuits. Harshil has a keen interest in exploring culinary experiences and preparing new cuisine. He also loves to engage in philosophical discussions; always striving to expand his horizons by engaging in new topics and activities. On a personal level and in his free time, Harshil enjoys swimming, cooking, and going for long rides with his wife.



Qualifications for GATE examination, 2016

Structural engineer Grade – 1 Government Certification



Risa 3D
Risa Connection
BlueBeam Revu
Autodesk AutoCAD
Autodesk Revit

Abaqus FEA
Tekla Structures
Csi Etabs
Bentley Staad Pro
Ram Connection
Ram Elements
Hilti Profis Engineering
Bentley Advance Concrete Designer (RCDC)



M.S. University Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Master  of Science in Structural Engineering, 2018

S. V. P. Institute of Technology – Vasad
, Anand, Gujarat, India
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, 2014

Travis Bennett, Structural Designer

Travis Bennett

Structural Designer

Over 20 years experience in structural design, Travis has proven performance in a wide variety of disciplines, software and work environments. Simultaneously raising his family and working full-time, Travis attended school in the evenings working toward his goal to become a well rounded drafter and modeler; earning three Associate’s degrees and five certifications in engineering, architectural and computer-aided design.

Functioning as lead, Travis managed multiple teams of drafters in a fast-paced, rapidly changing setting. These roles required excellent communication and organizational skills, complex file and database management, implementation of drafting standards and creation of typical details library. He’s had specialized focus utilizing SolidWorks parametric modeling/AutoCAD drafting (for military vehicles). Proficiency in standard applications such as Inventor & Revit, and very complex design tasks in the operation and application of CAD equipment round out Travis’s training.

Travis’s industry exposure includes: consultant coordination and quality assurance, design project involvement to determine detailed BIM model specs, scope of design and choosing initial parameters. He develops signed construction documents including civil and structural requirements necessary for architect and contractor, inclusive of: foundation, framing & site plans, isometrics and structural sections and details for a wide variety of projects. Travis has a broad understanding of assembly and design with various construction methods, such as: structural, concrete, conventional lumber, metal stud, CIP, steel joists, CMU, conventional slabs and retaining walls. He has also developed a strong working knowledge of design industry workflows, production cycle and priorities while assisting with various market segments: commercial, religious, residential, education, hospitality, medical and event venues. And he has exposure to most every structural design element and material: hollowcore, concrete, CLT, steel, CMU, wood, light gage, post-tension.

At 29E6 Travis has broadened his support to the needs of all their markets but has special interest in the housing studio.

Travis has lived in the Charleston area all his life and has three children: Kailynn, Zachary, Rory. His children and family are his passion, alongside Carolina Panthers football! Travis and girlfriend, Julie, adore Chaos and Mayhem (felines), Waverly (canine), and Skittles (emydidae, aka, a red-eared slider turtle). Travis loves kayaking, video and board games, football, motorsports, and MMA; having recently earned black belt in American Freestyle and previously a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He also enjoys DIY improvements around the house, road trips, and hosting a huge annual Halloween party.



Trident Technical College, North Charleston, SC
Associate of Applied Science in Engineering Design Graphics, 2013
Associate of Arts in Art History, 2007
Associate of Science in General Science, 2006


Daniela Digori, Structural Designer

Daniela Digori

Structural Designer

Daniela’s fluidity and expertise in Revit is an essential role in drafting projects for client approval across all market segments at 29E6. Daniela is a team player with excellent communication and organizational skills that make for a trouble free work environment. She’s also fluent in other engineering software such as Sofistik (SSD) and Nemetschek Frilo for use in building calculations. Daniela loves working in the structural building industry, continues to learn and improve in U.S. style and works toward designing structural projects.

Daniela’s professional obligations are double duty. In her second career Daniela is a professor at Technical University of Moldova, lecturing on various topics, such as:

  • Structural calculation
  • Project management
  • Consulting undergraduate projects

Daniela is happy to be part of a big family, where her parents and 4 brothers are very supportive in all her endeavors. She loves to travel and to discover new beautiful places in her country and all over the world. She also tries to stay active, spending free time staying fit and exercising, or just enjoying being outside and riding a bicycle. 



Association of Engineers Builders Designers of Structures (AICPS)



Technical certification in Structural Engineering; fields of structural resistance for civil and industrial buildings



Technical Scientific Conference of Co-workers, PhD candidates and Students of Technical University of Moldova

Calculation of the Anchored Pillars, pgs. 358 – 361.

Sports Complex from Ciorescu, Chișinău, Calculation of the Flanged Joints, pgs. 232 – 239.

Study of Welded Metal Joints, pgs. 434-437.



Autodesk Revit
Sofstik AG
Nemetschek Frilo



Sofistik Software Training, 2016

Technical University of Moldova
, Chisinau, Moldova
Master of Science in Structural Engineering, 2016

Technical University of Moldova
, Chisinau, Moldova
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, 2014

Ken Ellis, Drafter

Ken Ellis


After his service in the military, Ken continued his education within the field of livestock management from The Ohio State University and earned multiple certificates in auto mechanics, sustainable agriculture and leadership development. From his time in the United States Marine Corps and with his wide range of knowledge in management, Ken has been well shaped for his position on the 29E6 drafting team. Alongside his personal education Ken has gone through extensive training with knowledge checks and skills checks since having been with 29E6. Ken works to redraw and correct plans, ensuring only excellent plans are delivered to the client.

Ken is broadening his knowledge base with exposure to client needs satisfaction and finds interest in that side of the business. He enjoys the work he does with 29E6 and sees it as a blessing.

Ken and his wife, Hannah, have a son, Samuel. Ken keeps busy working on the family farm, continuing his education at Moody Bible Institute, and is actively involved in his church and the teen ministry there. What he enjoys most is studying the Bible, understanding, and comprehending the message it gives. During his free time, he takes great pleasure being with family and friends and he also plays ultimate frisbee!


The Ohio State University – Agricultural Technical Institute, Wooster, OH
Associate’s Degree in Livestock Management, 2020
United States Marine Corp, Jacksonville, NC, 2014-2018
Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL
Continuing studies.

Jennifer Fox, Account Manager

Jennifer Fox

Account Manager

Jennifer has administrative and management background with over 15 years serving executives in the paper, telecommunications, healthcare, and marketing industries.

Focused on keeping Andy and the 29E6 team organized with administrative & project management needs, Jennifer is the conduit behind the scenes keeping all arms of the company in collaborative motion. She ensures the fluency and efficiency of all inter-office needs, manages human resources services across the remotely-located southeast offices, including: payroll, employee onboarding, policies and procedures. She also manages all financial responsibilities, including: preparing reports, billing, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Jennifer resides in Nashville with her husband, 2 kids – Braden & Adalyn, and 3 dogs. Much of her spare time is spent running her children to practices or cheering one on at baseball, softball or soccer games. If there is free time left, she loves to do house projects, bowl and is a big fan of her hometown Wisconsin Badgers or anything red!



Upper Iowa University, Fayette, IA
Bachelor of Science in Business Management, 2003

Johnathan Engle, Operations

Jonathan Engle


Jonathan comes to us from a varied background in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He spent five years on active duty with the United States Marine Corps as an Avionics Technician in Beaufort, SC, where he became friends with James Ellis, and eventually Andy Richardson. After his separation from the service, he spent the next four years working in both the high and low voltage electrical fields, and in particular low voltage fire and security alarm applications. He has always worked to stay sharp on computer software and systems and is currently pursuing a degree in Information Technology from Liberty University Online.

At 29E6, Jonathan primarily works in an infrastructure support role as our main IT tech, filling the following roles:
– Microsoft 365 Business Admin
– Google Workspace Admin
– Jira Work Management Admin
– Physical IT Asset Admin
– Microsoft Power Automate Manager

Jonathan also works as our primary Continual Process Improvement agent, analyzing processes, identifying constraints, and seeking solutions for better productivity. He is always looking for ways to make work easier, more enjoyable, and more productive for the entire 29E6 team.

Jonathan works remotely from his home in Bryson City, NC, with his wife Jessica and their two boys (Mark and Ezekiel). He spends most of his free time outside with his family, or visiting with his parents at his boyhood home (just 20 minutes away), all under the shadow of the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains.



Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
Continuing studies in Information Technology, 2021 – present

United States Marine Corp, Beaufort, SC, 2013-2018
United States Marine Corp Reserves, 2018-2021