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29E6 Standard Hourly Rates – 2023


Current rates in effect at this date for hourly work are as follows:

Professional Engineer (PE or SE license)     $185
Structutral Engineer in Training (Level ll)     $165
Structural Designer ll     $100
Structural Designer l     $75
Field Technician     $75
Administrative Work     $75
Project Manager     $125
Principal Engineer     $275


29E6 – Other Fees

Structural Engineering (commercial and residential)
Schedule a Charette at no charge!  What is a Structural Charette?

Construction Support – see below

Site Visit (SV Projects)     $2800 (non-refundable deposit, limitations apply)
Services billed against deposit include: site visit, calculations and reports. Deduct $750 if report is not needed.

Small Projects – renovations and additions (non-refundable deposit)     $3800
Services billed against deposit include: site visit, calculations and necessary drawings.

Structural Coaching (2 hours)     $775
One hour of coaching and one hour for follow-up. Additional time is billed hourly.

29E6 Standard Fee Schedule for Construction Support Services

These services listed in this document include structural observation, response to field questions and other needed support to help streamline construction, also known as Contract Administration (CA).

Please note that we stand behind our design projects 100% and welcome any questions at no charge! However, when we are called upon to provide written documentation and/or a site visit, the following schedule applies.

I. Individual Construction Support Fees
With this option, the services are billed at set amounts per service with no monthly commitment. This option is the default and company standard unless otherwise negotiated or agreed upon.

Sealed Request for Information / Variance (RFI’s / RFV’s)     $300 each
Deduct $50 if the RFI form is clearly filled out and we only respond to RFI.

Cursory Shop Drawing Review (design criteria and overall dims)     No Charge

Full Shop Drawing Review (assumes 2 passes or revisions per set)     $400 each set

Sealed Letter from Engineer     $400 each

Construction Site Visit (CSV) / Structural Observation with report     $850 each
60-mile radius assumed (from home office). TBD for other areas beyond 60 miles.
Deduct $100 if within 10-mile radius of 29E6 office.

Detailed Engineering Design Services at our standard hourly rates.

All the above fees assume the service is to be expedited within 24 hours and include an expedite fee.


II. Hourly Construction Support
Hours tracked and billed according to the standard hourly rate schedule.


Rev. 7/11/22